Ryan Random Roberts { Artist / Illustrator}

He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and daughter.

He has worked as a freelance artist for the past six years and in that time he has come up with many great stories, jokes, and wonderful works of art.

He created the Bonebag Comics back in early 2012. He has spent much of his time honing his skills as a graphic artist and as a Illustrator.

He hopes to one day publish many kids' books for his daughters to read.

Client Feedback

"Ryan is a superb illustrator and designer that has a canny ability to capture the essence of a company's vision and make it applicable to the brand. Ryan met all projects expectations and deadlines, and overall was great to work with."

-Frank Gray

Global Creative Director, FactorBrand

"Ryan is an extremely gifted and punctual artist. His professionalism goes above and beyond anything you might expect. I would recommend him to anyone."

-Jacob Vandagriff

Project Manager, QA

"Excellent illustrator, can do comics, can do web work and much more as his talent for illustration lends itself to many outlets of creative expression."

-Ferddy Fred

Graphic Artist / Illustrator, Bioworld Merchandising